Hello, I'm THANDO

Web Developer & Photographer


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Thanduxolo Zulu

Date of Birth:

2 February 1996


South African




(+27)76 189 2206


Nordale, St. Lucia Road


BSc Degree in Information Technology

University of the Free State

2015 to -


Web Development


Hello, Im Thando

I'm a young web developer and photographer with a passion for design. My obsession with minimalism is what drives me to create stunning, user friendly websites. My creativity is useful both behind the lense and behind the keyboard. Contact me for a combination of both quality and affordability. Lets start working together on your next project.


What I Can Do

Website Development

The internet is by far the best way to get your name out there. Whether you want a business grade website with all the proper bells and whistles, or a simple, minimal portfolio websites to showcase your work, I can make it happen. I develop modern, responsive websites to fit all your custom requirements.

Website Maintainence

Not only will I help you get your website up and running, however I will also maintain it for you. I'll make changes, update galleries or product images as well as making sure the site remains responsive and functional for all types of devices


Memories are worth more than gold (in my opinion), regardless of what the situation may be. Whether you're getting married, celebrating a specific occation, or even if you just want a personal shoot, I can help you out. I thrive in event and portrait photography.


This actually refers to "image editing" in other words. It's one thing to capture an amazing photo, however that's just half the job. By using post-processing, I can harvest extraordinary results from any picture. I not only photograph events, I can also bring out the full potential of any shot.

Graphic Design

Although self taught, I have just the right balance of skill, creativity and experience in graphic design to create stunning end-products. I'm capable of creating logos, icons and even converting pictures/drawings into vectors ready for printing and other uses.


What I Know

Professional Prowess

Being a professional is defined as belonging to a specific profession such as a lawer for example. There are of course many professionals out there (by definition) however not by content. You see most photographers or web developers over-charge clients for un-appealing, unsatisfying work. My education in university and self taught knowledge has given me sufficient skills to produce top-class work at affordable costs. That's as professional as it gets.

I'm lucky to be in a profession where you can keep getting better.

Cy Coleman

Website Development 82%

Website Maintainence 89%

Photography 78%

Post-Processing 79%

Graphic Design 75%


Ask Me Anything

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